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Welcome to Baclofen UK

Baclofen UK was the first non-profit English language internet site providing information on the use of baclofen in the treatment of alcoholism and addiction. If you want to keep up with developments in the use and prescribing of baclofen for alcoholism and other addictions, subscribe to our blog at Baclofenista.

The purpose of this site is to provide objective information about Baclofen as an alcoholism treatment, and as an addiction cure.

It has, until recently, been unthinkable that there is such a thing as an alcoholism cure.  We have been led to believe by the disciples of AA and 12 Step programs that alcoholism is a self inflicted condition and that swapping one drug for another is not the answer. "There is no alcoholism cure", we are told, "the only real alcoholism treatment is to hit rock bottom and exercise will power".  That no longer has to be the case.

Over the last few years there has been massively increasing interest in the use of high dose bacloen, and how it might help the millions of people around the world suffering from many addictions especially alcoholism and alcohol-related disorders.  Even if baclofen is only an alcohlism and addiction " treatment" and not a "cure", it represents, none the less, a quantum leap in alcoholism and addiction treatment.    Baclofen has enticing possibilities as you can see on our Opiates page. 

However, much of its value remains clouded in mystery and suspicion. Indeed, there is also often frank antagonism to it. What we need is reasoned debate and proper clinical trials of high dose baclofen. This site hopes to do its very best to promote this discussion.

Who might benefit from this site? Simply, anybody and everybody who has an interest in the effects of excessive alcohol consumption. Groups such as:

Sufferers from alcoholism or alcohol-related disorders;

People caring for them;

Healthcare Professionals, who frequently know little or nothing about the potentially vital role that Baclofen might have to play to help those in their care;

Scientific Researchers interested in new anti-addiction drug therapies;

Law enforcement agencies and courts  ;

Politicians and Government Legislators;

The brewing Industry itself.

To beat alcoholism and other addictions is never going to be as easy as taking this simple, harmless, little pill. It is going to take insight, imagination and courage.  



This web site does not give personal medical or legal advice.

Any medical treatment discussed on this site MUST be administered and supervised by a doctor.  

Detox from serious drug or alcohol dependence MUST be carried out in hospital.





If you have come here for the first time, you may wish to go to our section on prescribing which contains the Prescribing Guide for baclofen published by doctors in France.  If you are looking for a doctor to help you we have a section on how to find a doctor.  

We hope you find this site helpful and wish you success in your recovery and new life.  Is this the dawn of a new age when we can say there is such a thing as an alcoholism cure, an addiction cure?  .

Recent Developments

The French government issued a recommendation for temporary use of baclofen for alcoholism treatment in late 2013 so that doctors should now use baclofen in France.  A trial of baclofen will be completed in May 2014 and the results published shortly afterwards. This should mean that the French government gives a license for the use of baclofen in alcoholism treatment this year.

In 2011 a Glasgow team of doctors and researchers released the results of a two year study into the use of Baclofen which showed Baclofen reduces alcohol consumption.  Read a summary of the report on our "What's in the News" page.


A team of French doctors has now published a prescribing guide for baclofen use in alcoholism treatment based on their experience prescribing to 1500 patients. See the full guide including "informed consent" form for doctors on our page "Prescribing Guide"